Friday, October 29, 2010

Genre: Horror

The Film, Video and New Genre LLC has been up to no good recently. Meaning we have really gotten in the spirit of this wonderful time of year called Halloween.We decided to participate in the Haunted Houses of North Tower competition. In one night without having to fork out any more like all the other houses we put together a pretty good haunted house or more so a well decorated house for Halloween. The residents had fun as we crafted tomb stones, trees, and mummies. It was an event that really got a lot of residents to come together to make it all happen.
Harry Potter, myself pulled together his fellow wizards of the LLC and attended the North Tower Boggie Woggie Ball. The residents got rather festive as the dressed up from a lady bug, an anime character, to even a man who escaped a Lady Gaga music video. We all got our dance on and had a blast dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and the Tootsie Roll.The residents have been hard at work lately as we always have someone filming one of their projects throught the week. I would love to be in that class and see how everyone strangely is in everyone else's films. It seems like they have really become a well oiled machine as they all help each other out with the measurements of light and even fixing each others camera problems. Its something I really wish I had as a new student, maybe than I wouldn't have had to spend so much money on film.

We are getting excited as the first semester is half way through and we have lots more to come. As we will be going Bowling for Soup doing a North Tower Super Market Sweep and in hopes of getting to tour a sound stage. We are also in hopes of maybe even working with Make Good Decisions and doing a few short videos for them. All of which is just brain storming ideas but the Residents of this LLC are rocking out this first semester!

We can't forget the group who attend Breathless a great movie that really got the residents talking at the Milwaukee Film Festival!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Talk to the Hands!

The ASL LLC is talking it up! We had some lively conversation in our "Lets Spread Deaf Culture in the Res Halls" event about what it is like to live in the residence halls as a Deaf Resident or as a member of the LLC. As a deaf student they get special strobe light fire alarms to wake them up or let them know there is a fire and we always have our closed captions on our TV in our lounge and in most residents rooms. These are things that most floors usually don't have or do, but why not? The LLC is not the only place in the residence hall that has deaf residents.
When we asked our LLC residents what they think the everyday person should know about Deaf people they said, first you need to know deaf people are just like everyone else, completely equal. They are capable of many of the same things as a hearing person. One resident said that when interview for jobs deaf people are often treated differently and looked at as being less capable, but our LLC would like you all to know that this is most definitely not true. When it comes to communicating with a deaf person no matter how loud you yell, cant hear you, and not all deaf people can lip read. When it comes down to it, the best way is to write.
The ASL LLC also has some great ideas as to how to make our residence halls of Deaf-friendly. Some ideas we hope to see become a reality in the near future are: Closed Captions on the movies in Flicks, and Interpreters at tower/complex wide events.

I encourage all of you to come and hang out on West 2 and get to know this very friendly and funny bunch! you will learn a lot and make some great friend! You all are always welcome here to come and Talk to the Hands!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The CS is heading to the Milwaukee Art Museum in November!

This will be a great opportunity for us to check out the museum and discuss art and culture outside of the school setting. For those that have never been to the MAM, take advantage of this!

The Writing and Visual Culture class with Nic Learned is planning a similar trip to the MAM on Nov. 9th. Their trip is planned around the chance to hear curators give a gallery talk about the latest exhibit, European Design Since 1985.

European Design is open now and at the MAM until January 9th. For the CS folks, this will be a perfect time to check out this exhibit. Here's a link to their page all about European Design at the MAM.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the CS, mark your calendars for November 13th-- our tentative date! And if your in Nic's class, for November 9th!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lab Rats at Discovery World!

The Lab Rats LLC recently had a trip to Discovery World! The trip was a ton of fun and the residents got to know myself, their mentor, their professor, and the director of undergraduate research better. I think everyone's favorite exhibit was the awesome aquarium, but each student was able to learn something new while at Discovery World:

> Tyler learned what a fish feels like <
> Anurag learned that the amount of water in our bodies lessens as we get older <
> Kristin learned the life cycles of different fish <
> Shelbie learned how dirty our water is before it gets cleaned <
> Parijat learned that it doesn't take much to put together a lever-pulley system  <

Checking out the Innovation House exhibit!

Part of our group in front of the awesome tunnel-tank aquarium - the diver wrote "Lab Rats" on the yellow board!

Touching sea urchins and starfish! They felt a lot more rough than you would think.

Our entire group about to explore the Great Lakes exhibit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lubar in the Residence Halls: Getting down to Business!

Last week, the Business Panthers LLC had a very special visit by some wonderful Undergraduate Business Advisors! In collaboration with the Undergraduate Business Advising Office, the Business Panthers LLC had an event in Sandburg's FLICKS that introduced the resources available to business students, highlighted the importance of academic advising in understanding a student's pathway to graduation, and allowed LLC residents to connect and interact with the Business Advisors.

In addition to a presentation on services of the Undergraduate Business Advising Office and the Career Services Center, the advisors prepared personal folders and scorecards for the LLC residents. These folders contained information from the presentation and other useful handouts. Also, these "scorecards" were personally made for each students as it tracked exactly what each resident needed depending on what major(s) they were interested in and what classes they are currently enrolled in.

But here in Business Panthers where we like to mix the living and the learning, the residents broke up into smaller groups so that they could have more personal one on one conversations with their business advisor. Also, we ended the event with a great "Pizza and Networking Social". Business Panthers LLC residents ate pizza and mingled with upperclassmen from Delta Sigma Pi - one of the largest co-ed business fraternities in the nation. This was a great opportunity for residents to talk to upperclassmen about UWM and business and for Delta Sigma to recruit some very ambitious and awesome students!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A CS Update

Here's the update on the Creative Suite:

G1 is a place to socialize, stay up late (while maintaining healthy sleep schedules, of course), and become really close to a group of friends!

G1 is a great place to watch a movie or play Halo Reach.

G1 is a quite, friendly place to do homework (Like Alex is right this very moment.)

G1 is THE place to watch Glee. Every Tuesday night at 8/7 Central, flocks of seasoned Gleeks and newcomers enjoy the humor and music of FOX's hit musical show.

The people who live on North G1 are naturally social and kind! If you're looking for a place to relax, check out G1.

G1 might also be the place to start your own business... Check out the work of the North G1's very own Noah Johnson and his T-shirt company, Stray Ink, on facebook!
Beyond the impromptu TV watching sessions or Halo marathons, the CS has some exciting things coming up! Keep your eyes open for dates coming out soon for these cool activities:

  • Mario Kart Happy Hour
  • The CS Goes Downtown

Thanks for reading and see you soon at one of these cool events!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Off to Discovery World!

Well, on October 17th the Lab Rats will be on an adventure around Discovery World! I think we're all getting pretty excited for the trip. Discovery World has a little something for everyone, a music area dedicated to Les Paul, a really cool aquarium, an exhibited regarding the future of the Great Lakes, and many more options. Each student in the LLC can relate his or her major to one of the exhibits: Kristin is a biology/pre-vet major and can learn about the life cycles and anatomy of different aquatic life at the Reiman aquarium exhibit. Shelbie is a forensic science major and can learn about how many gallons of water the average person has in their body at the Liquid House exhibit. Tyler is thinking of majoring in graphic design and pursuing a career in video gaming and can learn about gaming technology at the Hive exhibit, which will take us on a "3D journey" and have the faux-environment respond to our movements. Mike is a chemistry major so he will learn about water molecules and Lake Michigan in the City of Freshwater exhibit. And both Parijat and Anurag are physics majors, so each will learn a little more about physics through the Energy and Ingenuity exhibit, which shows us the inside of a nuclear reactor.

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to see how our trip went!

Lets Spread Deaf Culture!!!

Hey all!
As you can see we have been having a great semester so far here in the ASL LLC!
On October 28th we will be having a forum or discussion in our lounge to discuss ways we can help to educate about and spread Deaf Culture in the Residence Halls. Katie Woods and Heather Ford, from our awesome LLC team, will be coming to help guide us on the right track and help be a source of information about deaf culture/community. We will also have Chris Sewalish from University Housing coming to be a voice for the residence halls.
We have such a bright group here I'm am sure that together we can come up with ways to use the information they have gleaned in their classes to increase awareness and knowledge about the deaf community. I look forward to letting you know of some of the ideas we come up with, and be on the look out for those ideas to become a reality in the future!

Until next time,
I'm Kelly Keuper, the RA for the ASL LLC

Have a stupendous week :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Health Care LLC: September

Hello all! I hope your first month of college was as fun as mine was! Living in an LLC is awesome! For starters, I'm living in North 15/16. Not every kid living on these two floors are technically in the LLC, but I would say about 30-40 of us are. There is everyone from Nurses to Pre-Med here (or biomedical sciences- Diagnostic Medical Sonography like me- the only one!)It is awesome to get to know a bunch of kids who have the same interests as you, and sometimes you have classes together! Everyone in our LLC has a seminar on Thursdays, it is technically "Nursing 103" but as my schedule it was a CHS (college of health sciences) seminar. Anyways, regardless of your major in this seminar, we all have this class together. We've only gone to it 4 times, and its pretty low key which is nice. We journal and discuss readings and now we're watching a movie!

Our LLC had a tie dying event earlier this week and we got shirts that said "We are the futures of health care" on them and got to tie dye them! I'm pretty proud of how mine turned out, for being a pretty bad tie-dyer. (excuse my messy desk!)

In the first month of school kids in our LLC have had movie nights out in the lounge, my first night here we played bananagrams and apples to apples and went for a night walk, and lately a big group of us have been watching Glee! It is super fun to just chill with kids from your floor and watch a good tv show! :)

As of now, I have no idea what October has in store for us, possibly some volunteer opportunities and who knows what else! I do know that I will have a blast doing whatever we're doing. Health Care LLC is the place to be!

Have a great second month of school!
- Emmalee Vander Zanden