Friday, October 1, 2010

Health Care LLC: September

Hello all! I hope your first month of college was as fun as mine was! Living in an LLC is awesome! For starters, I'm living in North 15/16. Not every kid living on these two floors are technically in the LLC, but I would say about 30-40 of us are. There is everyone from Nurses to Pre-Med here (or biomedical sciences- Diagnostic Medical Sonography like me- the only one!)It is awesome to get to know a bunch of kids who have the same interests as you, and sometimes you have classes together! Everyone in our LLC has a seminar on Thursdays, it is technically "Nursing 103" but as my schedule it was a CHS (college of health sciences) seminar. Anyways, regardless of your major in this seminar, we all have this class together. We've only gone to it 4 times, and its pretty low key which is nice. We journal and discuss readings and now we're watching a movie!

Our LLC had a tie dying event earlier this week and we got shirts that said "We are the futures of health care" on them and got to tie dye them! I'm pretty proud of how mine turned out, for being a pretty bad tie-dyer. (excuse my messy desk!)

In the first month of school kids in our LLC have had movie nights out in the lounge, my first night here we played bananagrams and apples to apples and went for a night walk, and lately a big group of us have been watching Glee! It is super fun to just chill with kids from your floor and watch a good tv show! :)

As of now, I have no idea what October has in store for us, possibly some volunteer opportunities and who knows what else! I do know that I will have a blast doing whatever we're doing. Health Care LLC is the place to be!

Have a great second month of school!
- Emmalee Vander Zanden

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