Monday, October 25, 2010

Lab Rats at Discovery World!

The Lab Rats LLC recently had a trip to Discovery World! The trip was a ton of fun and the residents got to know myself, their mentor, their professor, and the director of undergraduate research better. I think everyone's favorite exhibit was the awesome aquarium, but each student was able to learn something new while at Discovery World:

> Tyler learned what a fish feels like <
> Anurag learned that the amount of water in our bodies lessens as we get older <
> Kristin learned the life cycles of different fish <
> Shelbie learned how dirty our water is before it gets cleaned <
> Parijat learned that it doesn't take much to put together a lever-pulley system  <

Checking out the Innovation House exhibit!

Part of our group in front of the awesome tunnel-tank aquarium - the diver wrote "Lab Rats" on the yellow board!

Touching sea urchins and starfish! They felt a lot more rough than you would think.

Our entire group about to explore the Great Lakes exhibit.

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