Friday, December 7, 2012

Highlight: Daniel Neuwirth

      For the Business Panthers, and the school of business entirely, the career service department is very important. Daniel Neuwirth is the senior career adviser for the department. He is the one who puts on resume workshops and other programs for students to achieve career starting internships.

      Career services is a huge helping tool in allowing students to connect to the outside business world, which is important is such a economically centered city as Milwaukee. Connecting to the outside business world is a very important part of our LLC and needs to happen in order to allow our students to see what they can do with a degree from their school right in their backyards.


Daniel Neuwirth

   Daniel and his department were kind enough to do a resume workshop specific to our LLC in September.  It was very educational and you could see the genuine concern Daniel's staff has for the students here. The event was very helpful, even for the older students.

      Without career service, our students may not be able to connect as easily with all the great businesses in our areas. Daniel and his staff are a key part in bringing the special advantage of being in Milwaukee to this University. Daniel and his department are clearly very hardworking, dedicated individuals that only help our students, even while they are freshmen here.

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