Monday, December 3, 2012

Architecture LLC Takes Over SARUP's Tea and Bikkies

As the clock strikes 1 PM on a Friday afternoon in the architecture building, an internal clock sets off in the heads of architecture and urban planning students throughout the building, signifying that it is time for Tea and Bikkies. This weekly grand procession of students emerging from their respective studios, descending the buildings main stairs and filtering into the commons has been an ongoing tradition over the years, serving as a chance to network, learn, and maybe more than anything, take a break from studio! Not quite studio members yet, the members of the Architecture LLC seemed to gain initiation into studio culture as they took over November 30th's edition of the Tea and Bikkies.

Displaying the work that occupied much of their semester within the Architecture LLC, the students lined the commons with some of their first drawings and models as members of the architecture program. After an introductory speech by Andrew Cesarz, an Architecture LLC alumni, the microphone was passed over to Brandon Sternig and Julian DiMaio who were chosen to represent their respective LLC sections and discuss the work they have done this year. When completed, the LLC students joined their LLC professors, Giuseppe Mazzone and Miranda Mote, their RA Brenna Nelson, and fellow architecture students in celebrated a semester's worth of hard work with cookies, brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, and tea.

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