Friday, December 7, 2012

Highlight Crossroads Students!

I thought this month would be a great timeto show you how great the Crossroads LLC is by having Crossroaders talk about it!

My name is Christopher Crittenden, and I am in the Crossroads LLC.  I love being able to learn how earlier music influenced more modern music. This class also allowed me to get to know many of the people that live around me. I am very happy that I decide to take this LLC.

Hi, my name is Tally Moss and I am a freshman in the Crossroads LLC at UWM. Music has always been a passion for me. I play several instruments including the saxophones, percussion, piano, and even harp! Learning where and how modern music came to be deepens my appreciation for the variety of styles. The Crossroads LLC is a fun and informative. It ties people together through the bonds of music. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to better understand music and learn about its origins.

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