Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Art and Design Fall Semester Recap

This semester, the Art and Design LLC had a lot of fun. We went to Redline as a kickoff for the beginning of the year, we went to the Milwaukee Museum after dark, learned about the Riverwest community, and even got to make advertisements and watch the production of King Lear. The LLC has worked really hard on projects in the 2D Concepts course with the help of our excellent instructors, Raoul Deal and Leah Shreiber, and our awesome mentor, Rhiannon Urbanowski. We have done projects that have forced all of the students to interact with the Milwaukee community by means of interviewing the people of the Milwaukee community and we are even doing a mural of the river right now that will be hung up outside of Riverview. How awesome is that?

Throughout the semester, my residents have made me laugh on numerous occasions. I have loved having events with the LLC and going to the MAM was always a great time. I also think that, in the class, the residents really enjoyed seeing their King Lear posters hanging up in the Peck School of the Arts, and I look forward to seeing the mural being put up. We had such a great art-filled semester.

Throughout this semester, I have been extremely impressed with all of the talent and uniqueness that the LLC residents have brought to the table. I have learned a lot about different styles of art and I was amazed by the how well so many different people were brought together by art alone. After meeting all of my residents and working with them throughout the semester, I truly know what it's like to feel inspired.

The residents have connected with each other more than I could have ever hoped, and by having art as a common interest, it was very easy to relate to one another. Having class together made going to class more enjoyable and being able to work together on project without even having to leave the Residence Halls was an incredible opportunity to have. I think that the residents have really enjoyed being a part of an LLC and I hope that we continue to get more and more residents interested in the LLC in the future.

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