Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hangout Place on Campus

Basement floor of the union! i think many students don't realize what their is to do in the union until second semester  at least i didn't when i was in my first year. In the basement of the Union there is actually a lot of fun stuff. Their is a restaurant  with a ton of TVs playing sports, and its always full of students having fun getting their grub on. There is also a rec center with bowling lanes, and pool tables. Its pretty cheap and a lot of funn. so when you got nothing to do and you and your friends are sitting around go to the Union for some fun. OH! Did i mention that they have ping pong tables as well? Well they do, go investigate and see for your self.

Gasthaus (Restaruant)
Monday - Saturday

Rec Center
Monday-Friday: 10AM - 11:45PM
Saturday: Noon-11:45PM
Sunday: Noon-9:45PM

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