Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bonding over Friendly Competition, Spa Nights and Midterms!

Hello! It has been a great first month in the Health Professions LLC, and we have an amazing group of students. It has been a quick few weeks from move in, to residents finally starting to have their first exams. Our volleyball tournament kick off event was a huge success with over 40 residents attending. We even had our own LLC cheer squad! Everyone got a chance to go to Klotsche, meet the entire LLC Team, and have fun together.

The residents are very social and love being in the lounge. They are always having study sessions and working on Anatomy and Physiology or Chemistry. One Friday night the residents even stayed in to put on a spontaneous spa night and watch High School Musical. Also, we couldn't be true future health professionals without celebrating the premier of Grey's Anatomy together. 

In the Nursing LLC Class, students are all vying to get the most points in their Team Challenge Competition. The students get points for attending LLC events, meeting with their Peer Mentor, and for doing various things that are above and beyond. The winner gets a huge party thrown at the end of the semester, and they are all working hard to get it!

We are very excited about everything that has already happened in the LLC, but we are looking forward to an exciting month ahead. The Health Professions LLC will be hosting a presidential debate watch party, and we are inviting other LLCs to join us. We will be listening to the League of Women's Voters of Wisconsin talk about various issues, watching the debate, and having some great snacks. Make sure to add 'uwmilwaukee' on snapchat because we will be taking it over to showcase all of the LLCs at the debate event! We are aiming for all of the students to be registered to vote and to make an informed decision.

With just roughly a month down, we can't wait to continue the success of the LLC throughout the year.

Wade Snowden

Election Day is Quickly Approaching!

Welcome to UWM, U1.0: I’m First LLC!


The U1.0: I’m First Living Learning Community is UWM’s premiere First Generation Student LLC. U1.0 is for students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) have not completed a 4-year degree in the United States.

We are on the 2nd Floor of Riverview Residence Hall, which we love! We are on the same level as the cafeteria, laundry room, fitness center, outdoor patio, and community kitchen! We also have two floor lounges where we have been having events and study parties. This month we had an LLC Kickoff event and a calendar-making event. For our Kickoff we played a diversity game called Keep it Real and got to know each other through questions about our identities. We also gave out U1.0 T-Shirts and other swag from the UWM Inclusive Excellence Center.

Our LLC is themed around the election this year. This has led to some great discussions on the floor as well as in the classroom. This is the first election that the students are partaking in so we are very excited to get out and vote! In the LLC Class, which is about voter rights, students were trained as Deputy Voter Registrars. They’ve been volunteering around campus and in the Milwaukee community to help register voters and spread the word on why voting is so important.


Here is some quick information about Cassie and me:



Hello, my name is Cassie!
I am a peer mentor at UWM. A peer mentor can help out with many things, but the biggest role of a peer mentor is being a resource for all things UWM. I can direct students to resources that assist them in being the most successful student they can be! I am a biochemistry major, aspiring to be a dentist. I love being active and I am very approachable and easy to get along with!

Hello, I am Sara! I am the Resident Assistant for U1.0: I’m First LLC. As a first generation student myself, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with this exciting, new community! In my job I get to know all of the residents on our floor by building a one-on-one relationship with everyone and by hosting events. My major is Community Engagement and Education and I plan on working in a non-profit after I graduate. I enjoy making art, watching movies, and hanging out with residents.


Thank you for reading, check back next month to hear about how our Presidential Debate Watch party goes and see what else we’re up to!


Until next time,


Wednesday, October 19, 2016