Thursday, April 28, 2016

Peck Swing Dance

Hello Everyone,

This month has been going by quickly as the Music LLC is preparing for Juries and spring performances!  We're all buckling down and practicing as these last few weeks fly by here at UWM.  Just last Friday, April 22nd the Music LLC took a break from practicing when Peck School of the Arts had their Swing Dance event that our Dance and Music LLC's got to host here in Sandburg's Chanel Lounge!  We started off the evening with swing dancing lessons and then UWM's Jazz Band took the stage and performed as we all danced (or tried to in my case) to some Jazz classics.

 I hope to see more success these last few weeks of classes before finals start.  Now here's to finishing strong here at UWM's Peck School of the Arts, or at any other school you may attend.

RA Alec

Architecture LLC Update

Hey Everyone!

I have a few updates about the Architecture LLC. Over the past month, students have been learning about and working through all the steps of the design process to better understand the role of the architect and prepare themselves for sophomore studio.  Students began with a site analysis of where their project would be located. This involved studying the weather, sun, and natural aspects of the area as well as drawing documents to explain their discoveries. Students then began the design of their actual projects, starting with simple sketches and moving towards more complex drawings.

Now, students are in the final stage of the design process where they are revising their drawings and beginning to make a physical model of their project. Next week, they will get the chance to present their work not only to the professor, but also to a panel of other professors and local professionals. This will give them the opportunity to get a feel for how the critique process works, as well as what to expect in their studios in the following years.

Emily LaLuzerne
Architecture LLC Peer Mentor

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

March-April in the Panther Military LLC


At the tail end of March the Panther Military LLC paid a visit to the Military and Veteran's Resource Center (MAVRC). The director of MAVRC, Michael Kirchner, gave the members of the LLC and myself a tour and rundown on the services that MAVRC offers to students. Afterwards, we all went to the Grind in the Union for coffee and snacks. Students from the Panther Military LLC were then able to share there experiences and highlights from the year with both Michael and myself. This was an excellent program and really allowed for students in the LLC to connect to their stakeholder.

I am very excited to announce that this month the Panther Military LLC took a trip to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours course on Friday, April 22nd from 12-6pm. This is the Panther Military's yearly LLC trip and was in collaboration with the Honors House 2 (HH2) and the S'more LLC's. The course is situated in a beautiful remote woodsy area in Lake Geneva and offers visitors the chance to participate in: zip lining, high ropes courses, team building challenges, biking, and hiking. On our trip, we focused on the ropes course and the team building challenges. My resident's response to this trip has been an overall tone of excitement and I am thrilled that I was able to get 80% of my LLC students to secure a spot on the trip. I know that this trip provided my residents with valuable lessons in teamwork and will also enhance their critical thinking skills. Best of all, the trip was absolutely free to students in the LLC!

Social Justice Trip to Chicago!

Hello! This month we took our LLC Trip to Chicago. We paired up with the Local to Global LLC and the Spanish House for this experience so that students could meet new people with similar interests. We were able to experience two cultural museums, the National Museum of Mexican Art and the DuSable Museum of African American History. Residents were also able to experience Pilsen, the neighborhood that the National Museum of Mexican Art was in. We were able to explore and experience authentic Mexican food!

Exploring the National Museum of Mexican Art

Students learned about African American history through recordings, artifacts, and videos

After the museums we were able to explore downtown Chicago and get dinner. Options to explore ranged from the Latino Film Festival to taking a picture at Cloud Gate (the Bean) to visiting the Chicago Cultural Center. Residents enjoyed the freedom to decide and choose their own adventure.

Until next time,
RA Sara and RA Jennifer

Spring with the Art & Design LLC

Hello everyone! This month the students have been making progress with their service learning project for the River Revitalization Foundation and begin construction this week! The students have come up with some creative ideas and I cannot wait to post pictures next month to show you the designs. Along with the service learning project something special has also happened this month. Last week was The First Year Experience for all of the students in the Art and Design. The First Year Experience is a Gallery Event made up of student work that is held in the Union Art Gallery on UWM Campus. The idea of this show is to prepare and engage students to advance in their chosen areas of study and have the experience of showing work in an exhibition. The LLC students were asked to bring work from every studio class they had taken this year and were able to submit a piece into this show with the change to win a number of scholarships exclusively for the first year students. Along side the studio work the students also had to opportunity to submit a sketchbook for the chance as well to wind scholarships. Many of the LLC students were nominated for awards and on the night of the awards ceremony 5 students from the LLC won awards for a piece they had submitted. Here are images of the student work that was hanging in the show:

Best in Show 2nd Runner Up Maddie Hilsenhoff

1st Year Award winners. Isa Cortes, Rebekah Farnum, Maddy Hilseonhoff and Adam Nelson represent the Art & Design LLC

Rebekah Farnum

Isa Cortes

This Month the LLC has had a ton of fun arts-related experiences such as a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum that has been capped off by the First Year experience show! 
Before we went to the First Year experience the LLC had a dinner together at Pizza Man on Downer with the Professor, RA Joe and Mentor Devin. We had a great time catching up outside of the Residence Hall and Classroom setting and got to know one another a bit better! Coming up this month we will be going to Chicago as an LLC as well as participating in many other UWM events!

-RA Joe

Quaid Simpson
Alli Reed
Grace Muchnik

Hailey Sullivan
Alyssa Krause
Julia Sheckel 
Jayne Costello

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy April

Hello and happy April,

As things start winding down in our last couple months there is still much to do. Now is the time to get ready for next fall. We have had a couple events since our last update. We had some fun at honors trivia night winning second place, and a prize of a chocolate bunny. Our next event brought success in another way; helping to raise over $30,000 for cancer at the relay for life event. Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the cause. We have some fun events coming up including one with the ASL LLC keep a look out for more information. I hope you all continue to be involved. Keep working hard and hopefully we can enjoy some good weather and take advantage of what the Milwaukee summer has to offer before we all head home for the year.
Honors LLC Students with their trivia prize.

Spanish House LLC


The Spanish House LLC has been taking the spring semester by storm! If you recall last semester the LLC had a cooking event along with the professor from the LLC class. This event was such a success that they decided to have it once again! At the event the students learned to cook authentic Latin dishes and immerse themselves in the culture!  For this time around the students decided to cook authentic Puerto Rican rice and a potato dish that comes from Spain. All the supplies needed were supplied and they were able to cook in the third floor kitchen in Cambridge. The students cooked alongside their professor and their peers.
Our next event was a Chicago field trip! The Spanish House LLC along with the Social Justice and the Local to Global LLC all traveled to Chicago to visit the National Museum of Hispanic Art and also the Dusable museum. The students were able to attend the museums at no cost to them and then they were able to explore Chicago on their own! Transportation was provided and students only needed to provide for their meals. It was a great experience learning about both the Hispanic and the African American cultures. The students were also able to meet new people since the trip included other LLCs. We had a very fun and exciting time and cannot wait for all the other events the Spanish House LLC has prepared!

Asta luego!
RA Laly 

International Dance

It's International Dance month on the LLC and boy do we have some great stuff planned.  Not only are the swing dance and cultural entertainment night coming up but we also have April 29th, (International Dance Day).  All across the world dancers will be celebrating and we are no exception.  With dancers practicing dances from Hip Hop to Polish folk dance I can safely say we have a pretty good variety of dance to celebrate.
It won't be long before we say good bye for the year and this will be the perfect chance to get together and celebrate dance as a whole throughout the community.  This will also be a great opportunity to understand different cultures through a common interest.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Career Quest Adventures

Hello everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather. I have a few updates regarding the Career Quest LLC. This past month we had Edwin from the Career Planning and Resource Center come in to help residents understand how to land a job.

Throughout this interview, residents were engaged, asked questions, and thoughtful with responses to what Edwin said. For instance, after a short introduction, Edwin would engage residents by asking them mock interview questions and gave them feedback on how to make their answers better.
We also explored the idea of what jobs could be done for the summer and internships.

In a few days we will have an LLC trip to Chicago to visit the Shed Aquarium. The whole purpose of this trip is for students to go explore what kinds of jobs go in just one company, such as the Shed Aquarium. This will be a fun-filled day of exploration and discovery!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

And Now, The End is Near...

This school year has passed extremely fast, not only for the University Housing Staff, but for our residents as well. It seems like just yesterday they were moving in, and now here we are in the midst of our final two months of school. The end of this school year marks the end of both mine and Paul's time working as the Transfer LLC RAs, and both of us could not be more thrilled with our experiences. This past year has been a great learning and growing opportunity, and we hope that we have passed on great wisdom to our residents.

To conclude what has been a most excellent year, Paul and I have some amazing events coming up. In order to encompass the diverse interests of our residents, and increase the chance to enhance their Milwaukee experience, we have events planned for both within the Sandburg community, as well as downtown Milwaukee. Two of the events we have coming up involve adventures into the city. The Milwaukee Art Museum offers a great experience for people looking to explore the city by offering a free day. The first Friday of every month has free admission to the museum, and we plan to take advantage of this. It is an amazing place to experience and not many of our residents have taken the time to explore it. Our second event into downtown Milwaukee will be to the Third Ward. The Transfer Community allows for us to have a different experience than most LLCs because some of our residents are preparing to enter adult life quickly after their time with University Housing. By having trips based in various parts of downtown Milwaukee, residents will be able to learn more about the city and can determine if this is the best place for them to be after graduation. This knowledge can help them greatly as they being the post-graduation job hunt.

Our final event planned for this semester is a good old fashioned cook out. We will be combining with the Business LLC for this event. This is a great way for residents to conclude their experience with housing if they are not choosing to return to res life in the fall, as well as continue to socialize with their peers while meeting new people. Keep your fingers crossed we have great weather for this event!

Hello Everyone!

Quick update for the Health Profession LLC! Some of the events that we have had recently have been very exciting. Since our last post we have worked very closely with one of the College of Nursing Advisors, Ebony Cobb, to provide some amazing services to our students. During the first event, Ebony came into Riverview Residence Hall and met with our Nursing students that are part of the LLC and she went over the Nursing Application. The Nursing Application that you fill out in order to apply to the Processional Major can often cause some anxiety and this meeting gave students an opportunity to get a glimpse into this process. Everyone said it was very very helpful!

The second event was also a partnership with Ebony! She volunteered to come into Riverview for a whole day and do walk-in advising for our nursing students. Advising appointments, in general, tend to fill up quickly and so to have a whole day available to only our LLC students was a wonderful opportunity for them.

On the radar, coming up is our LLC Trip! We will be going to Chicago to visit the Museum of Science and Industry for the morning and then for the rest of the day, we will be walking around and enjoying the city! It is going to be so much fun! We will be going with other LLC students as well so there will be a lot of opportunity to meet new people as well as enjoy the time with current friends.

We are all so excited to see how that goes and to enjoy the last few weeks of the semester!

Until next time,
RA Shelby & RA Sydney 

S'MORES have been up to so much

The S'MORES have been having a ton of fun this semester! Check out everything that we've been up to! 

One of our recent events was a cultural adventure into the Union Theater to check out a movie called "Cannibal Tours"

 It was about tourism, focusing on western tourists as they cruise along the Sepike River in Papua New Guinea and their interaction or lack thereof with local villagers. While the film presented statements and reflections by the villagers about the tourists as a counter-discourse to the voices and images of the tourists, it is ultimately about us, as westerners and our fascination with the exotic “Primitive Other.”

An event that happened just last week was a Piyo workout class taught by another fellow RA. Bobby is the RA for the 12th and 13th floor and made a guest appearance to help enhance our workout. Piyo is a mix of  cardio and dance moves that make you sore for days!


Our final event that S'MORES is having this April is what we are saving best for last! It is our Spring LLC trip that we are going all out on. We hare heading to Lake Geneva for a ropes course and team building activities. It will be super fun and a great way to relax before finals preparation has to start! 

We're hoping to have a great turn out for a great time!

April in Honors House 2

HH2 is now getting ready for the end of the year!

April is now upon us, and there are two major events for HH2 coming up: Priority Registration and the Spring LLC trip!

Priority Registration begins April 18th at 8:00am!

To celebrate and encourage people to get up early, we continued the yearly tradition of the "Rise and Shine" event. Residents who get up in time for Priority Registration through the Honors College received muffins, cinnamon rolls, juice, and a bunch of other breakfast food. They were also able to share which classes they'll be taking and know someone in the class even before it begins!


The Spring 2016 LLC trip for HH2 will be on Friday April 22nd at 12:00 noon through about 6pm. We'll be taking HH2 (in a combined effort with the S'more and Panther Military LLCs) to Lake Geneva Canopy tours, where residents will be doing teambuilding exercises and a high ropes course. Anyone that's a part of HH2 is allowed to attend, and it's absolutely free for students to go!

That's all the news from HH2 for this month. See you in May!


The year is winding down less than a month of classes left and pretty much everyone around is excited or stressed out about it. Most students at the moment are getting lots of papers due and finals are right around the corner. As you could imagine the stress levels are pretty high. Also it is that time of year when everyone wants to hangout since everyone will be going back very soon. It is a difficult time to balance the wants from the needs. As for the UWM.NET LLC we will be having our final event this month to celebrate what a great year it has been.

For the event that will be taking place it's going to be a pizza and social party for everyone that is in the LLC. Most of these students are all friends so it will be a good get together before the stress levels increase and the studying for finals begin. The most important aspect that I believe was developed within this LLC this past year is definitely the way the students have been prepared to make themselves appear professional online. Most of our generation is all about social media sites and UWM.NET has opened their eyes on how presenting yourself online can increase or decrease the changes of landing a job in the future. With all of this said, I'll see you in the next and final post of the  year.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Halfway there!

Hello everyone~

   Most of us are just finishing up midterms, exams, and other projects. Definitely congrats for keeping up the amazing work! The ASL 2 students are wrapping up their second set of exams and the study session went overwell.
   The students went to Water Tower View on April 10th for an Arts and Crafts Day with the residents. It was surely an interactive and fun time to learn some sign and get to know some of the resident's history. Many of the students are taking deaf history now so this was a wonderful opportunity for them to put the class material into perspective.
   There are also other events that are coming for the students to engage in!


Hello Folks!

My name is Brooke McDermid and as Bryce had mentioned a few posts ago I am the Peer Mentor for the Early Childhood Education LLC (CURRINS 312). Although I am a junior in the Nursing Program here at UWM, I was honored to take on the role as the peer mentor for this course; not only because I hope to one day work as a pediatric nurse, but also because my second career choice was teaching. Now I have a little glimpse on the academics of early ed so if nursing does not work I will know where to come back to!:)

I am aware that not all students within the LLC are taking CURRINS 312, but there are a few. Right now in the course, students are working on a "Learning More Paper", which will bring the ideas and writing styles of all group member into one final project. The purpose of this assignment is for the students to practice the skill of inquiry. As teachers,you will act as an advocate for your students, and will be challenged to learn more, ask more, and find answers. This assignment is the start of a life-long process of always striving to learn more!

I was very excited to hear about the trip to the Shedd Aquarium! I just recently went there for the first time and it was very enjoyable! Something almost as exciting as the Shedd Aquarium that I would like to talk about is the Global Youth Service Day! This is an event that is done though the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research office on campus. The event is on April 16th, this Saturday,  from 8:00am-12:30pm. In Becoming apart of Global Youth Service Day you will help older adults with tasks such as taking out storm windows, cleaning patios, raking leaves and clearing garden beds. For larger groups that sign up, they will most likely be assigned a near-by street to clean up. This is an event that I allowed students in the LLC class to sign up for. I would also like to invite students that live on the LLC to join! If you would like to be apart of my team please email me at I believe there will be free bagels and coffee the morning of the event!

Thank you, all and only 4 more weeks to go! Keep up the awesome work!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Local 2 Global LLC: Chicago Trip

Hey every body!

This month the Local 2 Global LLC had a great time during both a cultural event and a field trip to Chicago!

Our community decorated cards and wrote motivational messages to Myanmar refugee children who currently live in Milwaukee. Everyone had a wonderful time making these cards and talking about the asylum seeking process and the complications and hardships people face when trying to seek citizenship. Overall it was exciting to see residents not only motivating children but also themselves.

We also went to Chicago this month!! Our LLC paired with the Social Justice LLC and the Spanish LLC to take a cultural trip. We went to the National Museum of Mexican Art and were able to explore around the neighborhood and eat lunch. Then we went to the DuSable Museum of African American History. We were able to experience different cultures and identities first hand and it was an amazing experience. After we visited both museums, residents were given the opportunity to explore Downtown Chicago and experience other cultures by themselves.  

We had a fun time and I can't wait to see what the Local 2 Global LLC does next!

Stay tuned,
RA Kim

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cue Music: Film LLC Reaching The End of the Semester

The Film LLC has been busy bees this April, and the spring showers are not going to keep their spirits down.  They have been filming almost constantly to get their Film 222 projects done. Shannon and I plan to give them a break though on April 23rd, because the Film LLC will be going to Chicago for the day! We have a fun day planned at the Brookfield Zoo and Navy Pier!  

Also coming up is the final LLC Event, we are going to go to experimental Tuesday at the Union Cinema to enjoy one more film together before everyone disperses for the summer! Shannon and I could not be happier with how far everyone has come so far this semester! 

That is why at the end of the semester we are going to do a drawing to see who will win our long talked about prize, A GoPro! All residents who have attended all of our LLC events will be entered twice, if they managed to make it to all of them in one semester time span they get entered once. 

That’s all for now folks, but get ready for May, we will have lots of photos and an update on who is the lucky winner of that awesome GoPro