Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring with the Art & Design LLC

Hello everyone! This month the students have been making progress with their service learning project for the River Revitalization Foundation and begin construction this week! The students have come up with some creative ideas and I cannot wait to post pictures next month to show you the designs. Along with the service learning project something special has also happened this month. Last week was The First Year Experience for all of the students in the Art and Design. The First Year Experience is a Gallery Event made up of student work that is held in the Union Art Gallery on UWM Campus. The idea of this show is to prepare and engage students to advance in their chosen areas of study and have the experience of showing work in an exhibition. The LLC students were asked to bring work from every studio class they had taken this year and were able to submit a piece into this show with the change to win a number of scholarships exclusively for the first year students. Along side the studio work the students also had to opportunity to submit a sketchbook for the chance as well to wind scholarships. Many of the LLC students were nominated for awards and on the night of the awards ceremony 5 students from the LLC won awards for a piece they had submitted. Here are images of the student work that was hanging in the show:

Best in Show 2nd Runner Up Maddie Hilsenhoff

1st Year Award winners. Isa Cortes, Rebekah Farnum, Maddy Hilseonhoff and Adam Nelson represent the Art & Design LLC

Rebekah Farnum

Isa Cortes

This Month the LLC has had a ton of fun arts-related experiences such as a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum that has been capped off by the First Year experience show! 
Before we went to the First Year experience the LLC had a dinner together at Pizza Man on Downer with the Professor, RA Joe and Mentor Devin. We had a great time catching up outside of the Residence Hall and Classroom setting and got to know one another a bit better! Coming up this month we will be going to Chicago as an LLC as well as participating in many other UWM events!

-RA Joe

Quaid Simpson
Alli Reed
Grace Muchnik

Hailey Sullivan
Alyssa Krause
Julia Sheckel 
Jayne Costello

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