Friday, April 1, 2016

WOOSH. Spring is upon us. Art & Design.

Hello this is RA JOE! This month one of the biggest programs that has gone on in the Art and Design LLC is a T-shirt designing competition and screen printing workshop! Many of the residents sent in their best T-shirt designs and we chose the winning design by Tanner Van Dera.

Then on February 18th, we met on campus in the Printmaking and Narrative Forms area of the Arts Building to have a screen printing workshop to print our LLC T-shirts! This workshop was facilitated by our lovely stakeholder and LLC class professor Melissa Wagner-Lawler.
The LLC had a ton of fun printing and misprinting our design on the shirts, and afterwards walked away with the T-shirts they had printed.  

Hello everyone! It’s Devin again with an update on whats happening within the LLC classes. The students have been up to a lot lately with projects and service learning activities. Firstly, the 3D Concepts class had their first sculpture critique for their paper sculptures. With this project the students learned different techniques with folding and treating paper and then were tasked with creating an interesting abstract form with an overall core concept as well as being visually impressive. This was all done with the use of paper and the use of some adhesive agents. The class came up with some very interesting ideas and display techniques and here are some images of a few 
of the designs. 

The 2D students also had a critique for their portraiture project. The students had to create a portraiture of a “piece” of themselves through collaging, positive and negative cut outs. After creating this mock-up they then had to use their painting and drawing techniques to recreate that collage portrait. Then 2D class has been learning different small techniques this semester and soon will be incorporating them into a larger project this midterm. 

Last month we finally got to go on our nature walk and tour of the land around the River Revitalization Foundation that I talked about last month. Before we took this tour we broke up into 5 groups that are tasked to brain storm ideas and present their ideas for a service learning project. The students for collaboration project are to consider the area and the history of the area when they think of installation ideas. The area has many natural landmarks and native plant life the Foundation is trying to repopulate, so this is a place to start research. However, the class seemed to fall in love with the local Beaver of the area and may explore this for an art installation possibly. As we return from our Spring break the students in their teams will be giving a power point presentation of their ideas and as a whole group we will decide what to pursue. 

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