Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April in Honors House 2

HH2 is now getting ready for the end of the year!

April is now upon us, and there are two major events for HH2 coming up: Priority Registration and the Spring LLC trip!

Priority Registration begins April 18th at 8:00am!

To celebrate and encourage people to get up early, we continued the yearly tradition of the "Rise and Shine" event. Residents who get up in time for Priority Registration through the Honors College received muffins, cinnamon rolls, juice, and a bunch of other breakfast food. They were also able to share which classes they'll be taking and know someone in the class even before it begins!


The Spring 2016 LLC trip for HH2 will be on Friday April 22nd at 12:00 noon through about 6pm. We'll be taking HH2 (in a combined effort with the S'more and Panther Military LLCs) to Lake Geneva Canopy tours, where residents will be doing teambuilding exercises and a high ropes course. Anyone that's a part of HH2 is allowed to attend, and it's absolutely free for students to go!

That's all the news from HH2 for this month. See you in May!

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