Monday, April 11, 2016

Cue Music: Film LLC Reaching The End of the Semester

The Film LLC has been busy bees this April, and the spring showers are not going to keep their spirits down.  They have been filming almost constantly to get their Film 222 projects done. Shannon and I plan to give them a break though on April 23rd, because the Film LLC will be going to Chicago for the day! We have a fun day planned at the Brookfield Zoo and Navy Pier!  

Also coming up is the final LLC Event, we are going to go to experimental Tuesday at the Union Cinema to enjoy one more film together before everyone disperses for the summer! Shannon and I could not be happier with how far everyone has come so far this semester! 

That is why at the end of the semester we are going to do a drawing to see who will win our long talked about prize, A GoPro! All residents who have attended all of our LLC events will be entered twice, if they managed to make it to all of them in one semester time span they get entered once. 

That’s all for now folks, but get ready for May, we will have lots of photos and an update on who is the lucky winner of that awesome GoPro 

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