Tuesday, April 19, 2016

And Now, The End is Near...

This school year has passed extremely fast, not only for the University Housing Staff, but for our residents as well. It seems like just yesterday they were moving in, and now here we are in the midst of our final two months of school. The end of this school year marks the end of both mine and Paul's time working as the Transfer LLC RAs, and both of us could not be more thrilled with our experiences. This past year has been a great learning and growing opportunity, and we hope that we have passed on great wisdom to our residents.

To conclude what has been a most excellent year, Paul and I have some amazing events coming up. In order to encompass the diverse interests of our residents, and increase the chance to enhance their Milwaukee experience, we have events planned for both within the Sandburg community, as well as downtown Milwaukee. Two of the events we have coming up involve adventures into the city. The Milwaukee Art Museum offers a great experience for people looking to explore the city by offering a free day. The first Friday of every month has free admission to the museum, and we plan to take advantage of this. It is an amazing place to experience and not many of our residents have taken the time to explore it. Our second event into downtown Milwaukee will be to the Third Ward. The Transfer Community allows for us to have a different experience than most LLCs because some of our residents are preparing to enter adult life quickly after their time with University Housing. By having trips based in various parts of downtown Milwaukee, residents will be able to learn more about the city and can determine if this is the best place for them to be after graduation. This knowledge can help them greatly as they being the post-graduation job hunt.

Our final event planned for this semester is a good old fashioned cook out. We will be combining with the Business LLC for this event. This is a great way for residents to conclude their experience with housing if they are not choosing to return to res life in the fall, as well as continue to socialize with their peers while meeting new people. Keep your fingers crossed we have great weather for this event!

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