Thursday, April 28, 2016

Architecture LLC Update

Hey Everyone!

I have a few updates about the Architecture LLC. Over the past month, students have been learning about and working through all the steps of the design process to better understand the role of the architect and prepare themselves for sophomore studio.  Students began with a site analysis of where their project would be located. This involved studying the weather, sun, and natural aspects of the area as well as drawing documents to explain their discoveries. Students then began the design of their actual projects, starting with simple sketches and moving towards more complex drawings.

Now, students are in the final stage of the design process where they are revising their drawings and beginning to make a physical model of their project. Next week, they will get the chance to present their work not only to the professor, but also to a panel of other professors and local professionals. This will give them the opportunity to get a feel for how the critique process works, as well as what to expect in their studios in the following years.

Emily LaLuzerne
Architecture LLC Peer Mentor

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