Friday, April 22, 2016

Spanish House LLC


The Spanish House LLC has been taking the spring semester by storm! If you recall last semester the LLC had a cooking event along with the professor from the LLC class. This event was such a success that they decided to have it once again! At the event the students learned to cook authentic Latin dishes and immerse themselves in the culture!  For this time around the students decided to cook authentic Puerto Rican rice and a potato dish that comes from Spain. All the supplies needed were supplied and they were able to cook in the third floor kitchen in Cambridge. The students cooked alongside their professor and their peers.
Our next event was a Chicago field trip! The Spanish House LLC along with the Social Justice and the Local to Global LLC all traveled to Chicago to visit the National Museum of Hispanic Art and also the Dusable museum. The students were able to attend the museums at no cost to them and then they were able to explore Chicago on their own! Transportation was provided and students only needed to provide for their meals. It was a great experience learning about both the Hispanic and the African American cultures. The students were also able to meet new people since the trip included other LLCs. We had a very fun and exciting time and cannot wait for all the other events the Spanish House LLC has prepared!

Asta luego!
RA Laly 

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