Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The year is winding down less than a month of classes left and pretty much everyone around is excited or stressed out about it. Most students at the moment are getting lots of papers due and finals are right around the corner. As you could imagine the stress levels are pretty high. Also it is that time of year when everyone wants to hangout since everyone will be going back very soon. It is a difficult time to balance the wants from the needs. As for the UWM.NET LLC we will be having our final event this month to celebrate what a great year it has been.

For the event that will be taking place it's going to be a pizza and social party for everyone that is in the LLC. Most of these students are all friends so it will be a good get together before the stress levels increase and the studying for finals begin. The most important aspect that I believe was developed within this LLC this past year is definitely the way the students have been prepared to make themselves appear professional online. Most of our generation is all about social media sites and UWM.NET has opened their eyes on how presenting yourself online can increase or decrease the changes of landing a job in the future. With all of this said, I'll see you in the next and final post of the  year.

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