Tuesday, April 5, 2016

HH2 In Springtime

Greetings again from Honors House 2!

Now that we're back from Spring Break, Honors House 2 has a few exciting updates.

So far this semester, we've had 3 extremely well-attended events, including Real Talk, a small discussion-based event, Trivia Night, which had our largest attendance ever, and Sex and the Law, which was a campus event that many HH2 residents attended.

Of course there's also been the continuation of the ever popular Thursday Night Social!

On that topic, Honors House 2 and the rest of the East 16th floor had the highest percentage of Mapworks completion for all of East and Purin! As a special reward, our last Thursday Night Social featured a full-fledged TACO BAR!

Coming up soon, we've got Priority Registration on April 18th, when we'll have breakfast food and get ready for next semester, and at the end of the semester, RA Hunter from HH1 and I will be holding our last Crossover event of the semester!

I'll leave you with HH2's newest bulletin board, still themed with CW's The Flash:

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