Thursday, April 14, 2016


Hello Folks!

My name is Brooke McDermid and as Bryce had mentioned a few posts ago I am the Peer Mentor for the Early Childhood Education LLC (CURRINS 312). Although I am a junior in the Nursing Program here at UWM, I was honored to take on the role as the peer mentor for this course; not only because I hope to one day work as a pediatric nurse, but also because my second career choice was teaching. Now I have a little glimpse on the academics of early ed so if nursing does not work I will know where to come back to!:)

I am aware that not all students within the LLC are taking CURRINS 312, but there are a few. Right now in the course, students are working on a "Learning More Paper", which will bring the ideas and writing styles of all group member into one final project. The purpose of this assignment is for the students to practice the skill of inquiry. As teachers,you will act as an advocate for your students, and will be challenged to learn more, ask more, and find answers. This assignment is the start of a life-long process of always striving to learn more!

I was very excited to hear about the trip to the Shedd Aquarium! I just recently went there for the first time and it was very enjoyable! Something almost as exciting as the Shedd Aquarium that I would like to talk about is the Global Youth Service Day! This is an event that is done though the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research office on campus. The event is on April 16th, this Saturday,  from 8:00am-12:30pm. In Becoming apart of Global Youth Service Day you will help older adults with tasks such as taking out storm windows, cleaning patios, raking leaves and clearing garden beds. For larger groups that sign up, they will most likely be assigned a near-by street to clean up. This is an event that I allowed students in the LLC class to sign up for. I would also like to invite students that live on the LLC to join! If you would like to be apart of my team please email me at I believe there will be free bagels and coffee the morning of the event!

Thank you, all and only 4 more weeks to go! Keep up the awesome work!

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