Thursday, April 21, 2016

Career Quest Adventures

Hello everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather. I have a few updates regarding the Career Quest LLC. This past month we had Edwin from the Career Planning and Resource Center come in to help residents understand how to land a job.

Throughout this interview, residents were engaged, asked questions, and thoughtful with responses to what Edwin said. For instance, after a short introduction, Edwin would engage residents by asking them mock interview questions and gave them feedback on how to make their answers better.
We also explored the idea of what jobs could be done for the summer and internships.

In a few days we will have an LLC trip to Chicago to visit the Shed Aquarium. The whole purpose of this trip is for students to go explore what kinds of jobs go in just one company, such as the Shed Aquarium. This will be a fun-filled day of exploration and discovery!

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