Monday, December 3, 2012

Super Semester!

This semester was a great success in the Art and Design LLC. We went to the Milwaukee Art Museum for MAM After Dark, went to REDLine to meet a local artist, used the Studio Arts and Craft Centre for printmaking, had a henna party, and more! 

The highlight was the prints the students made for UWM's production of King Lear. Students came up with their own designs inspired by the play, carved them, printed them, and then they were enlarged to become posters advertising the show. This great experience in the art world is just one of the benefits of being in the LLC. The students can now put on their resume they've already shown their work, and have experience in advertising. 


Another great thing we did spontaneously was decorating our hallway for the holidays. Resident Paige Hrubecky got the group together to "deck the halls" and show our winter spirit. We had chocolate, music, and lots of snowflakes everywhere.

 Next semester is looking promising as well. Students will start 3D concepts, working with paper and wood. We are hoping to have an exhibition in Cambridge towards the later part of the year to show off their work. Also, the annual Chicago trip is in April, which is always a blast and a big hit. So stay tuned to see what the Art and Design LLC will create next!

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