Monday, December 10, 2012

Art Bar: Don't Let the Name Fool You

The Art Bar, a small bar in Riverwest that also doubles for a coffee shop, has something for everyone including food, pool tables, local music and artistic talent. The eclectic feel is a draw for many artists including both the budding musician as well as the local painter. From the moment you walk through the door, the edgy sound of new musical talent greets you and the unique artwork hanging on the walls draws you further in. 

Located just off of Humboldt on Burleigh, The Art Bar is only a brief bus ride away from the off campus Residence Halls, Riverview and Cambridge. There are a number of bus lines that will get you there swiftly, but the 10 is probably the fastest from either of these two locations.The Art Bar is open weekdays from 3pm until 2am and Saturday and Sunday from noon until 2am. With affordable drinks, good food, and pool tables, this is a great place to check out during the daylight hours while it remains a cafe. 

Despite the "plague of the building" as he refers to it, Don Krause opened the Art Bar in 2004 with the belief that his new business would be the one to 'make it.' His intent was to begin a revitalization effort in Riverwest where there is a number of boarded up storefronts and failing businesses by creating a place for the "young or young at heart." He features live music on some nights and a changing gallery from "starving artists" as he refers to them. 

With a warm, new-age feel, it is definitely a place I would recommend any artist who's looking for a great place to study or hang out. It may even be the perfect opportunity to sell or display some work!

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