Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Art and Design LLC in November

Hello everyone this is Devin with just another update on what has been going on in the Art and Design LLC. First off, the 3D concepts class got a little taste of some collaboration work this semester. Some classes were tasked with an installation work for the first floor of the Arts Center hallway. The students were asked to think about their favorite song and then draw that song, which they soon had to transform into a three dimensional wooden box. The students had virtually complete freedom with the design inside the box and designs varied drastically. At the end of this process, as a class they hung up their boxes on the wall in certain patterns where they will stay as a permanent installation.

Now for the 2D students, they got to visit the special collections of the UWM Library. Here Max Yela, head librarian of the collection, gave the students a presentation about book arts. After this talk the students got to observe and play with some actual artist’s books to develop some ideas for their final project for the class. The 2D final project pushes the students to question the ideas and conceptions of what a book is and create an art form. The possibilities of book arts are endless, but the students are more then up to the challenge.

an example of Book Arts

The LLC has also had a busy month outside of class as well! We have been preparing T-shirt designs to represent our LLC and learn to screen print them themselves at the start of next semester.

We also went as an LLC to one of the Artist Now! Lectures held on campus. We saw Therese Quinn, Associate Professor of Art History and Director of the Museum and Exhibition Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, give her presentation titled "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: The Arts, Education and Social Justice." Quinn's presentation brought up ways that art can aid social justice and called the audience to action with bringing more diversity and cultural understanding in both Art Education as well as museum and gallery spaces.

Flaunt It Grab
An example of Therese Quinn's work
-RA Joe

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