Thursday, December 10, 2015

Transfer Community: Wrapping Up the Semester

Welcome to the next installment of the Transfer Community blog update!

Right now we're all getting ready for Final Exam season. Since this time of the semester gets so hectic for everyone, there's been less programs. Katie and I want to make sure that residents have adequate time for class, sleep, and social lives! However, my floors just had their Decorating Eleganza Extravaganza! After very difficult deliberation, they decided that they wanted the decoration theme for the next two months to be Superheros. They were so enthusiastic about the brainstorming portion of the event that we barely even started the decorating process. By the time it's finished though, it will look amazing!

Residents working hard on Superhero decorations
      We do have a few events coming up. South Tower is hosting a relaxation/stress relief event for students during the campus-wide study day. We want to give South Tower residents an outlet for relieving stress as they prepare for final exams and final projects. I'll be taking residents to a local coffee shop for a "Sip and Study" next weekend. RA Katie will also be having a Donut Race event. We've had a ton of great activities and adventures throughout the semester and we all look forward to next semester! Hopefully any and all vacancies in our community will be filled with new transfer students hoping to find their own amazing UWM experience!

Thank you for tuning in to our last installment of the Transfer Community Blog for the Fall semester! There will be more updates from RA Katie and me starting next semester!

-RA Paul

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