Monday, April 14, 2014

Kappa Tau

So for this blog post, its to highlight any student organization here at UWM. For me, I felt like a had a lot to choose from, not only is there a great variety here at UWM but also because I am a member of many organizations!

However, I felt I wanted to highlight a very important student organization that has not only directly changed my life for the better, but also that gives directly back to the Milwaukee community and beyond. 

I am a proud member of the Kappa Tau Sorority here at UWM. This social greek organization focuses on 6 elements: Scholarship, Teamwork, Leadership, Character, Service, and Sisterhood. Kappa Tau gives opportunity for women to empower themselves, give them leadership skills that can be used later on in life, provides service activities, and also is an amazing support system.

Kappa Tau takes great pride in its active participation for fundraising for JDRF (The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in memory of our sister Emily Weldon Culver. The chapter walks every Fall semester and constantly fund raises 
throughout the school year!

The Greek community at UWM is quite small, however it is continually growing. There are currently three social sororities on campus: Kappa Tau, Gamma Phi Beta, and Phi Sigma Sigma Rho. We also are welcoming Alpha Omicron Pi to our campus in the fall semester. 

Greek life is amazing, and if anyone has any interests they should definitely join! You not only get great leadership skills and  service activities, but you also get 50 plus sisters who are there through thick and thin!

Go Greek or Go Home!

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