Friday, April 18, 2014

The Adventures of Mentor Chaz and the Arch LLC

Being involved with the Arch LLC as a mentor, I hear about the activities that they are doing. From exploring Milwaukee because of the warming temperature to their encouragement towards another member of the LLC as he played a gig with his band. They genuinely are always telling me stories or asking for me to be included in their adventures or even some good spots around Milwaukee to see. Obvious answers would be the Art Museum, Public Museum, Downtown Strip, Bayshore Mall, and Bradford Beach. But what most don’t know are the running trail leading around Milwaukee, the hidden restaurants that not many people know about, or the spectacular lighthouse with a balcony behind it that looks over the lake. This is a few of many opportunities that I have informed them about.
Fun at the Lake

Milwaukee Adventures

LLC members supporting Resident Kalin at his band concert

Another exciting piece is our trip to Chicago that we attended on April 12, 2014. You would think that after spending a whole semester with them that I would know a lot of about them but after spending the day with them I really got to know them a lot better. From Will’s experience of living in Chicago, to Minh’s adventures in China Town, and the other half of the LLC whom I have never seen. The trip was packed with exciting buildings and structures that gave the residents a new outlook on designing. They definitely enjoyed when we reached the tip top of the 96th floor of a building that overlooked the water. The view was spectacular! All in all, it was a great day and a great semester!
Chicago fun

To highlight one of the Milwaukee locations that is free and available for anyone, I would like to point out the Oak Leaf Trail.  This trail was voted the Best Urban Bike Trail in the Best of Milwaukee 2012 & 2013 surveys.  The trial is 114 miles long, looping through all the major parkways and parks in the Milwaukee system.  Conveniently, the trail can be accessed right next to UWM’s Kenilworth Square Apartments.

Get out and enjoy Milwaukee!  
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