Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Film For Everyone!

Here at UW-Milwaukee there is an amazing film environment. There are two theatres within walking distance of campus and there are two right on campus! Inside Sandburg Residence Hall, there is a small theatre known as Flicks Theatre, which shows many blockbuster movies before they are released to the public. This theatre is free to all residence and their guests.

The Oriental Theater (7 Blocks from the Film LLC)

But one of the biggest gems of UW-Milwaukee is the Union Theatre. The Union Theatre hosts a great variety of films from big blockbuster releases like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Dark Knight Rises, to smaller, independent foreign films like Big Bad Wolves, which comes all the way from Israel!  Next week there will be two screening days for Spike Jonze's latest Oscar winning  film, Her.This is free for UW-Milwaukee students and many of the residence have gone to the Union Theatre and will continue to go in the future. Not only that, but each semester there is a big screening in the Union Theatre for the Student Film and Video Festival which showcases student work chosen from experienced judges in the industry.

Union Theatre

Speaking of screenings, we just had the screening for films residence created as part of this years 24 Hour Film Festival. Here is a video we created as a preview for the screening!

Check out the Film LLC Facebook page for more behind the scene pictures and information! 

Check out the Union Theatre's webpage for more info!

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