Monday, April 21, 2014

Get Involved with CCBLLR!!!

CCBLLR! The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research, is UW-Milwaukee's on-campus Volunteer Center. The CCBLLR is a center in which students go to get involved in the community, through Volunteer work, Internships and Service Learning. The center works with tons of different non-profit organizations, elementary schools, nursing homes,and other places around the great city of Milwaukee! The center has a diverse variety of Volunteer opportunities, from one-day programs, to two-year commitments. Thousands of students have used this center, for Service Learning, Internships, or just to get involved, on campus.

The Center puts on tons of BIG Volunteer events throughout the school year! RAK-a-thon, is a campus-wide Random Act of Kindness event, in which hundreds of students, go out into the community to do city cleanups or to "winterize" the home of an elderly person. The Center also does MLK day, in which nearly one thousand students from different universities and Milwaukee residents partner up with City Year, and decorate the walls and halls of Public schools in the Milwaukee area, with murals and inspirational quotes.

UWM's Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research is a great place to get involved, on campus. Getting involved, is very simple! Just stop by the CCBLLR office, located on the lower (Kenwood Blvd) level of the Student Union.

For more info, visit the CCBLLR website:

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