Friday, October 29, 2010

Genre: Horror

The Film, Video and New Genre LLC has been up to no good recently. Meaning we have really gotten in the spirit of this wonderful time of year called Halloween.We decided to participate in the Haunted Houses of North Tower competition. In one night without having to fork out any more like all the other houses we put together a pretty good haunted house or more so a well decorated house for Halloween. The residents had fun as we crafted tomb stones, trees, and mummies. It was an event that really got a lot of residents to come together to make it all happen.
Harry Potter, myself pulled together his fellow wizards of the LLC and attended the North Tower Boggie Woggie Ball. The residents got rather festive as the dressed up from a lady bug, an anime character, to even a man who escaped a Lady Gaga music video. We all got our dance on and had a blast dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and the Tootsie Roll.The residents have been hard at work lately as we always have someone filming one of their projects throught the week. I would love to be in that class and see how everyone strangely is in everyone else's films. It seems like they have really become a well oiled machine as they all help each other out with the measurements of light and even fixing each others camera problems. Its something I really wish I had as a new student, maybe than I wouldn't have had to spend so much money on film.

We are getting excited as the first semester is half way through and we have lots more to come. As we will be going Bowling for Soup doing a North Tower Super Market Sweep and in hopes of getting to tour a sound stage. We are also in hopes of maybe even working with Make Good Decisions and doing a few short videos for them. All of which is just brain storming ideas but the Residents of this LLC are rocking out this first semester!

We can't forget the group who attend Breathless a great movie that really got the residents talking at the Milwaukee Film Festival!

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