Friday, June 7, 2013

Places to Go: The Union Theater

The Union Theater is one of the best entertainment spots available in the Milwaukee area.  The theater, available right in the Union on campus, screens films consistently throughout the fall and spring semesters.  Marathons, such as the French Film Festival or the Nordic Film Festival bring foreign language features to a Milwaukee theater screen that would be otherwise very difficult to find even through online streaming services.  Other times classic films, such as Mean Streets, Enter The Dragon, Fallen Angels, Barbarella, and even the original Django are screened.  Occasionally there will even be a few mainstream titles, such as The Dark Knight Rises, screening.  The best part, whenever it is possible the films are projected in their 35 mm format, something that is very rapidly becoming an exclusive to Milwaukee feature for the Union Theater.

Now here’s what makes the Union Theater one of the best.  Its almost always completely free.  That’s right, free movies.  Even the mainstream releases can be seen for the low price of your free time.  Snack foods, including organic popcorn and mars candy products, are also incredibly cheap, often being at a lower price than anywhere else on campus.  Simply put, the Union Theater is a perfect choice for any movie lovers out there.

Note: Every so often there is a screening that costs money.  However, these screenings usually cost only $4 for students, making the Union theater one of the cheapest theaters in town as well.

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