Thursday, February 2, 2017

Honors 1 Benefiting Others

In the Month of November Honors 1 residents made one final push towards finals by staying on top of classes and preparing for the first weeks of December. Also, on a more fun note, Honors 1 residents were able to participate in two engaging events that centered around donating to the less fortunate before winter arrives. The two events made Honors 1 residents aware of personal biases regarding food and warm clothing availability before Thanksgiving recess. Residents were able to donate articles of clothing, bathroom essentials, and non-perishable food items to different organizations as part of two events held before the holiday season.

The first event that Honors 1 residents took part in was the Honors 1 LLC Clothing Drive and Milwaukee Holiday Light Outing. The event took place from November
4, 2016 to November 18, 2016. Residents donated unwanted articles of clothing, bathroom essentials, and non-perishable food items to their floor's Resident Assistant. Some residents even went as far as buying certain small items to donate. In total, Honors
residents were able to donate around 75 individual items to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. This is fantastic considering the resources college kids have at their disposal! Then, on the eve of November 18, 2016 around 10 residents, from the Honors 1 LLC, attended
the annual Milwaukee Jingle Bus Ride at the Shops of Grand Avenue downtown. This was a great event to end the donation drive because residents were able to tour the annual city lights, receive a Santa hat, and eat free donuts! The bus tour only cost $1 for
each person and residents had a good time seeing the holiday lights put on by the city located in various Milwaukee parks.

Honors 1 LLC residents also participated in a Hunger Banquet held in Sandburg Residence Hall in order to learn about world hunger before Thanksgiving break.
This event randomly assigned residents to various class levels in society and allowed residents only to be served ice cream that was assigned to their societal class level. The "high class" residents were allowed chocolate chunk ice cream, the "middle class"
was served sherbert, and the "lower class" was served vanilla. Residents were able to partake in various activities in relation to the restrictions designated to them. This was an engaging event because residents openly discussed how they might feel being
restricted to a certain availability of resources. Residents were exposed to worldwide hunger facts and were encouraged to donate any food items at the event. There was open dialogue among "class members" about how each individual could be a part of abolishing
societal restrictions. Residents were able to choose any ice cream they wanted after the event ended.

The month of November was very informative for the Honors 1 LLC. Residents
put their personal biases aside to show support for various organizations that help in the local community and across the nation. Honors residents showed their support for these events, over many other student living communities, and were able to learn, relax,
and even eat at these events before Thanksgiving and finals.


Benjamin Bodus (Honors 1 LLC Resident Assistant)


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