Tuesday, January 31, 2017

T-Shirt Design Extravaganza!

November has been an incredibly successful month for the Art & Design LLC!

One of the most notable events during the month of November has been an ongoing Art & Design LLC T-shirt Design Competition. For this competition the LLC students were able to submit a design to RA Joe representing the Art & Design LLC for the opportunity to print their design during a screen printing workshop run by the LLC 2D Concepts instructor Melissa Wagner-Lawler as well as the other Art & Design team members. This program has been a tradition that the Art & Design LLC has been establishing and hope to continue in years to come!

The winning design was chosen and the LLC printed their T-shirts following the Art & Design First Year Program studio tours. The studio tours are an opportunity that first year students have each year to see what upper level studios in the Art & Design program look like as well as meet faculty representing the different major areas in Art & Design. Having the screen printing workshop after the studio tours gave the LLC students a unique opportunity to use one of the studio areas in the Print and Narrative Forms department.

Aside from the LLC T-shirt the LLC students have been busy at work on their projects in Cambridge Commons as well as socializing and attending programs held within the residence halls. Cambridge Commons put on a lot of fun events around Thanksgiving and in the LLC we had a Mocktail party which emphasized the importance of safe drinking habits and the LLC got to know their RA a bit more as he served virgin margaritas.

We still have a lot of great things planned for December as the students gear up for final projects and other finals. It'll be a busy month but the LLC is looking forward to it! 

-RA Joe Steiner

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