Friday, January 6, 2017

Upcoming Trip Planning!


It’s finally December and fall semester is coming to a close for the Career Quest LLC. Residents have been working hard studying for the craziness of their first finals week. As stressful as it may be, they all pushed through and finished the semester. With the semester ending, that also means the LLC class that the students have been participating in is also ending. The last day of the LLC class, the residents got to talk to their teacher about the things they learned in class and about themselves to help them find a career that fits them. They also were able to have some fun on the last day of class and watched a slide show that their teacher put together of all the things they did this semester. They also had the chance to show off their talents to the class.

Just because the class has ended, their Career Quest journey is still not over. In spring semester, my Co-RA and I are going to planning a trip for the LLC. We will be taking them somewhere where they can learn about different career options along with having some fun too. We also be having some events in our community aimed towards career quest to continue helping them find a major that they will love.
On a more fun note, residents in the LLC have been bonding all semester with other residents in our community. They have game nights, see movies together, and also go bowling almost every week. The connections that

-Katie Boutell, RA

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