Thursday, March 24, 2016

We Won an Award!

This semester is flying by us in the LLC! We have done some awesome stuff and have awesome stuff planned for the rest of the semester, too. Our community is moving along and most of our LLC students are currently taking ASL II and doing super well! It's amazing to see that a lot of the residents are starting to use ASL in conversations in the lounges. Some of our residents are even working with some ASL III students as part of a Service Learning initiative in our ASL Program.Our Peer Mentor, Brandon, is also helping our community by hosting study sessions before exams and practicing ASL - a great opportunity for everyone!

Personally, I attended a conference called WURHA which is a conference where a bunch of student leaders from within housing in Wisconsin get together and share programs and ideas. At this conference, UWM submitted a bid (or proposal) for our LLC's annual program to be selected as the Wisconsin Program of the Year - and it won! Our ASL LLC is now the host of an Award Winning program! This is really big news and very exciting for the LLC and the future of our event which we are beginning to plan already. See What I'm Signing is that program! Although this event is a while away, our residents are getting busy starting to design T-Shirt ideas and games for the event as well as recruiting some students for our panel that we will be having.

There is still plenty more to come and I am excited to begin seeing some people interested in returning to the community next year as well as some brand new faces at our Go Milwaukee event for accepted students for this coming fall! Wow! We are all so excited to keep on growing and keep on signing!

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