Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wake Up Call Event!!

Wake Up Call Event for the Community Leadership LLC 

Hi everyone!
Shayla and I will be putting on a Wake Up Call event for the Community Leadership LLC that will include some cool team building and "get to know you" activities. This event will serve as a way for me to finally meet you and get acquainted with you as well. The Wake Up Call will also include some time for me to get some feedback from you about what exactly you want to accomplish this semester with the LLC including; events, personal goals, and community outreach. We would love to have some ideas about the direction you feel the LLC should go and how we can make your experience in this community more fulfilling.

The Wake Up Call event will be on Tuesday, February 12 at 6:30pm-7:00pm in the common area of Cambridge Floor 3 North. After this short meeting/event Shayla and I will be taking anyone who is available to a Mardi Gras event that the Cambridge Residence Hall is having around 7pm. This will be an awesome way to have some fun, that isn't crazy expensive, and celebrate Mardi Gras. Hope to see you all there!

Come to the Mardi Gras event and party like this guy!

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