Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome Back Business Panthers - Spring 2013

After what seems to be decades of "missing in action," I am back in the spotlight of the UW-Milwaukee LLC blogs. This semester is going to be a busy one and is already well underway. The Business Panther LLC has already seen some pretty exciting events which include: Flash Mob at the ESPN televised men's basketball game, ping pong tournament, ice skating at Red Arrow Park, and bowling. 

The flash mob was a hit and had over 75 participants. Students learned the dance at one of four sessions and  met early the day of the game. At the early meeting, students reviewed the dance, ate pizza, received shirts and face tattoos, and had the opportunity to make signs for the game. Both myself and fellow LLC RA, Emily, created, taught, and performed the dance which was made in support of the Year of the Arts. 

Photo: NOLO Ping Pong tournament!
Some students warming up their swings
 in preparation for their match

The ping pong tournament was orchestrated by myself and fellow Business Panther LLC resident assistant, RA John. The event was very successful and had an awesome turnout. Student's brought their "A" game but there was only room for one winner. Business Panther Nishant, resident of none other than myself, took home the win. 

Photo: Ice skating with Megatron!
RA Megan & Business Panther RA Michael
enjoy the weather while skating

With the weather being so fickle, it was a miracle that the ice skating event was able to occur without any problems. Both RA Megan and Business Panther RA Michael enjoyed the festivities and were able to get a few laps in.

Bowling was of course a fun time. This event was organized by both myself and Business Panther RA Alec through the UWM Union Recreation Center. RA Alec ran the event and was very pleased with the amount of wins he achieved over our residents. 

All in all, the first couple of weeks back have been exciting to say the least. Some events coming up in the near future include: UWM Planetarium visit, Monday Night B***Sh** with RLC Tyler, and a social with some of the business fraternities here on campus. Through the grapevine I may have also heard of some more business tours being planned. 

With that I would like to give everyone a large WELCOME BACK & GOOD LUCK!!

North Tower RAs and RLC

   Charnelle Pinson
   Business Panther LLC

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