Monday, February 13, 2012

Kick It Into High Gear!

Already a few weeks into Spring Semester and there couldn't be more opportunities surrounding us all right now! Lubar's Career Services has some incredible programs coming up aimed to brush up your resume, interviewing skills and anything else professionals in the work force are looking for, all in preparation for the Spring Career Fair. Thursday, February 23rd. Mark your calendars and pull out all of the stops for this one. I can't tell you enough how big of an impression it makes for Freshman (and sometimes even Sophomores) to attend with a resume and an upbeat attitude with interest in an internship this early on. With over forty (40!) employers coming with opportunities in hand, take the time to come and make an impression!

Also this semester, I'm planning a few things with RA Adam in hopes to make this semester even better than the last. I'll be setting up office hours shortly to come into West 5/6 on a weekly basis to connect through more than just email. If you've got any questions with classes, campus or current events, I'm your guy! I'll keep you all posted on what those pan out to be and look forward to seeing you all more often. 

In the meantime, keep me posted with all of your flawless feats and keep up the great work Panthers!

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  1. Thus far it has been a wonderful year for the Business Panthers and it is great to see those involved in the LLC succeed academically and professionally. Hopefully we can see this trend continue in The Lubar School of Business's Career fair. This should be a rewarding experience for all those hard working young Business Panthers to take part.