Sunday, February 26, 2012

Academic Success w/ the Creating Your Future LLC

Last Thursday the Creating Your Future LLC invited L&S freshmen advisors, PASS and faculty to Riverview in hopes of learning valuable pointers to get this semester started off on the right foot. Not only did they give students advice for contacting professors, how to utilize free tutoring services through PASS and what networking can do for their resume, but undecided students were given some great advice as well. It was recommended that undecided students take a wide variety of classes so they can find out if they are interested in a field and if they have not already enrolled in Ed Psych 101, which is a career planning class, take the opportunity and get structured help from the Career Development Center for planning their future.
Another important point that was emphasized was making a connection with your professors. While many of your classes may be in large lectures, it is still important to talk to your TA because they are closer to your age in most situations and work closely with the professor so what they have to say is just as valuable. If you are nervous about approaching your professor because of the large lecture setting or any other reason, your academic advisor, mentor or tutor can help you prepare questions to ask during office hours. Also, don't think that a professors office hours are the only time they are available to meet with you! If you send them a polite, professional e-mail your professor will be willing to set up a time that works better for you to answer any questions you have about the course. One meeting with your professor could change your understanding of the class and topic and help you get the grade that you want!

If you are interested in signing up for a tutor or supplemental instruction PASS is the place for you:

If you ever have any questions regarding you academic status, what classes you are taking or should be taking or need advice for your academic future, your academic advisor is the person to contact and if you need help finding out who that person is -- reach out to your mentor for help!

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