Thursday, May 8, 2014

Communication and Conflict Comes to a Close

This is the last year the the Communication and Conflict LLC will be around. However, I feel that the LLC lives on in the students it has been able to touch over the past two year. I truly loved having the opportunity to work with LLC program, professors, and most of all the students have had the privilege to work with has been amazing. It has been such a great experience to watch students come in as new freshman far from home and not only learn but grow.

I feel that real lifelong connections have been made because of this LLC and I hope that others take as much pride in as I have. It is sad to see the LLC come to a close, but i truly feel that this experience really touched each and every member. I think my favorite part of the LLC was either the T Shirt or the class in general. The T Shirts that we made are one of a kind and very personal to each person. I really loved this LLC and the group I got to work with this year. I hope that this LLC does truly live on in the memories of the participants. 

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