Friday, December 25, 2009

We made it! Now for break!

Top Ten Favorite LLC Moments of Fall 2009 Semester!

1. Thomas Vu Daniels' gallery at Redline Grand Opening
- I LOVED meeting this artist and learning ALL about him! He is a master printmaker and the entire Visual Arts LLC got to chill with him and talk. he was so normal and relaxed. he talked about everything we wanted to know and we saw a lot of his work.

2. Watching the Visual Arts LLC members work on their assignments.
- It was really interested to see the different artistic styles of each art student in the LLC. I enjoyed visiting them in the lounge and seeing them work on their projects and hearing them talk about them. I hope to be able to attend some project critiques next semester. I really liked watching them create Artist Books.

3. Being Exposed to Something (somewhat) New
- I was happy to take on the job as the RA leader for the Film LLC. Film is something I have been interested in and can conceptually study, but have not had much experience with. I really liked that I have been exposed to new kinds of film and different ideas by becong involed with the Film LLC.

4. Showing them my favorite East Side Gallery...
- At the beginning of the year I made sure to bring the Visual Art LLC residents to the Inova Gallery. It is a short five minute walk from Riverview Residence Hall. We all walked there together and then explored the exhibit. It is a gallery that is set up by Peck School of the Arts and located on Prospect and Kennilworth. The gallery hosts local artists as well as international artists. There was an exhibit for a Wisconsin artist who uses natural materials in his art. Afterwards, we noticed that Urban Outfitters, a clothing store next door, had a great sale going on, so we all stopped in to do a little shopping together. It was a good outing to get to know eachother a little better and also find oneof the East Side's greatest treatures.

5. Free Pizza
- I like to provide free food for the residents at a lot of our events...usually it is PIZZA!!! Every college student loves free food...

6. Rivers Wash Over Me---and meeting a director
- We viewerd an awesome film called, River's Wash Over Me. It won awards at Sundance and many other film festivals. It was one of thos emovies where you just don't know what to ay at the end becasue it blew away your mind...(check it out)! Then we got to meet with the director and executive producer. And have free pizza...

7. Being surrounded by cool people
- I really enjoy the people I work with in the LLC. They always have great ideas and are a fun group of people. I know I can depend on them and they are helpful whenever I need help with something. It is also cool that they are interested in the same things and enjoy their jobs.

8. Milwaukee Art Museaum Trip
- I have a post about this from last month on the blog, but needless to say it was a lot of fun and we saw some cool stuff together- for free.

9. Experimental Tuesday
- The Union Theatre shows experimental films every Tuesday. They are free and a good way to spend an hour ot two on a Tuesday. The Film LLC checked out "Three Corners of the World". It was a silent film...which I havn't seen too many of, but it was interesting. We stocked up on soda and candy bars for the show. The week before they went to see Where the Wild things at at Mayfair's AMC!

10. End of Semester!!
- As much as I enjoy the LLC, UWM and Riverview, who doesn't love being able to have a month long vacation at the end of semester! It is one of the best parts of college. I'm looking forward to relaxing, time with family and friends and making a little extra money.

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