Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why live in an LLC?

It's almost Christmas, and I'm horribly late posting this. I think I'm going to blame it on exams. They are not really fun.

Everyone knows that though, no one likes taking exams. It's nice when you're finally done with them, but you have to study for hours and hours, and sometimes you might not even know exactly what to study! You're going to have to track down a friend or someone you know in the class, figure out when you two can meet, hopefully both of you know what to study, and then have a little study party. It's hard finding a time that will work, and if you want to get a few more people to study, it's a huge hassle.
I had a pretty tough math exam last Friday, so I decided to really cram for it the night before (I studied before that, too, Mom, don't worry!) , and I was really struggling with it. I went one room away, and asked when my friend was free. He said he'd meet up with me later that night, sure enough he grabbed another person from our floor, and we poured over the material for hours.

That's what's great about living in an LLC, you have tons of people taking the same classes as you had. Six of us studied for our CompSci exam together, then we all walked over to the room together. It's pretty nice just talking about the test you took with some friends as you play a round of Halo that night.

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