Sunday, April 12, 2015

Art and Design LLC - Looking to the End of the Semester

Hello everyone!

I can't believe there's only about a month left of school! Things are moving right along for the Art and Design LLC and students are as busy as ever!

On Friday, March 27th, future students got a glimpse into LLC life during the Go Milwaukee! event. Current Art and Design LLC students shared some of their experiences from the year, which was very insightful for our visitors. We will have another Go Milwaukee! event this upcoming Saturday, April 18th, which I'm sure will also be a big success!

Perhaps most importantly, students showed their work at the First Year Experience Exhibition at the Union Art Gallery from April 3rd to April 10th. At the closing reception on April 10th, several Art and Design LLC residents were awarded with scholarships! Congrats, everyone!

Here are just a few images from the show:

Scholarship Recipients

Left: Kylee Radulovich; Right: Tania Espinoza-Bonilla

Jenna Marti

Mike Gilligan

Joe Steiner

MacKenna Krupa

Ashleigh Balsley

Samantha Tan

Eileen Nelson

First Year Experience at the Union Art Gallery
We still have more exciting events to come throughout the rest of the semester! On April 30th, residents will be visiting the Haggerty Museum. On May 1st, the LLC will be exhibiting their collaborative project in Spaights Plaza outside the Union in the afternoon. There will be a closing reception for the students and their friends/families from 4:30-6pm. Make sure to stop by and see what they have been working so hard on!


RA Wyatt

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