Thursday, September 29, 2016

Welcome Back Business Panthers!

Hello Business Panthers!

We hope that you had a wonderful first month of school! We are having such a good time meeting each of you and are excited to see how this year is going to plan out! We wanted to introduce ourselves a little further and make sure that you knew the other Business Panthers RA's.

Hey, I'm Morgan!
I am the RA for floors 1 and 2 in South!
Major: Nursing
Favorite Hobbies: Going to concerns, playing ukulele, singing, crafting, petting puppies, and knitting.
Favorite Food: Sushi and deep dish pizza.
What I am looking forward to this year for the Business Panthers: Bring a community together, to have fun and build connections!

Ka'Von is the RA for floor 3 in South!
Major: Finance
Favorite Hobbies: Gaming and hanging with friends.
Favorite Food: Burgers
What I am looking forward to this year for the Business Panthers: The experience, all business related students. Can't wait to see what unfolds.

Vips is the RA for floors 5 and 6 in South!
Major: Computer Science.
Favorie Hobbies: Reading, Netflix and sleeping.
Favorite Food: Monkey Bread.
What I am looking forward to this year for the Business Panthers: Being more social to the Business LLC and getting the residents involved in events.

Shela is the RA for floor 4 in South!
Major: Accounting.
Favorite Hobbies: Volleyball, photography and babysitting.
Favorite Food: Shrimp and lasagna.
What I am looking forward to this year for the Business Panthers: Helping them become comfortable with the business world, seeing them learn more about, and watching them grow and meet lifelong friends!

On Tuesday September 13, we had our Business Panthers LLC Kickoff Event! Everyone that came out enjoyed pizza, salsa, and drinks!  We started off with a random question icebreaker to help everyone be introduced and comfortable for our main activity! We also, had Dr. Freimark and one of the TA's Momo to join us in the activity. The event lasted for about an hour and a half, full of fun, laughter, and competition. There was a lot of great feedback and a lot of residents cannot wait until our next Business Panther LLC event!

We want to thank everyone again, who came out and we hope to see you'll and some new faces next time!  REMEMBER! For each event that you come to for now on, you can receive a study buck for the end of the semester for some awesome prizes (UWM swag and gear)!

Brought to you by:
Morgan and Shela

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