Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Such and Such at Sandburg

So, following up on Courtney's post about Riverview suites, I guess we should take a look at some Sandburg awesomeness?

Here we have a fantastic shelving unit, provided by University Housing. Perfect for storing books, putting things (like pictures of cats) on the small bulletin board, or almost anything. Thankfully they can be stacked on the desk, floor, or even hung on the wall!
This is a small peek at the closet space that's in every room. There are drawers, a place to hang things, and even shelves above! Plenty of ample space for those awesome threads.

You can tell I'm a computer science student, wow. Two things about this picture: (other than me saying Craigslist is amazing for getting cheap computer supplies) First, the desk/chair. Once again, plenty of storage space and plenty of space to work. And the chairs are pretty comfy! And as you can kinda see, the bed is lofted. We'll get to that in a second.
Here you can see the lofted bed. I think it's the best idea ever. You get so much more space! And that's about it for this picture, other than the animals with shades and me trying not to talk about my geekiness that is my desk.

Why I love Sandburg:
-Everything you need is there: computer lab, cafeteria, the Empo, workout center.
-Tons of great people to meet!
-You can get to almost every class in about 5 minutes! Yay for sleeping in!
-Awesome people like me live there!

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  1. Just curious, what does your Warhol say? I have a similar red one but mine says "The world fascinates me."