Thursday, August 19, 2010

Healthcare in the 21st Century LLC

My name is Emmalee Vander Zanden. And as many of you may have noticed, my first name is spelled a little differently than the typical 'Emily' but it is pronounced all the same :) I am an incoming freshman and will be a part of the "Healthcare in the 21st Century" LLC located in North tower. I'm from DePere Wisconsin which is about 15 minutes south of Green Bay.

that's me on the crutches! can you guess why I picked healthcare? :)
I'm a bit of an accident magnet.
I'm very excited to move in, and meet people that are going into the same field that I am. As of now I'm looking to major in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and minor in Spanish, but I'm only a freshman, things can always change! I'm not sure what our LLC will be doing but I'm sure it will be fun!
Untill next time!

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