Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saying goodbye, and signing off.

Well everyone this is my last post! :(
These last two years in the ASL LLC and the Honors LLC have taught me so much about the world and myself! I am thankful for every moment of it! The hardest part was saying goodbye as my last residents moved out today. I have made some life long friends andI am a different person because of them. I hope everyone that has read my posts has learned something about life in an UWM LLC and will consider making an LLC your home in the future!
Advice for the future: Get involved!! Be a SHAC senator, join NRHH, become an RA, hang out on your floor, these are the best ways to make your college experience count and be the best it can be! Meet new people and make yourself better!

Thank you all for the fantastic two years, I'm off to graduation and Disney World!

RA Kelly Keuper

Me and a few of my fantastic Honors LLC residents during move-out week!
(Thanks for the photo Hannah!)

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