Monday, November 21, 2011

International Education Week

The past month was filled with many event that truly corresponded to the Beyond Borders LLC.  This events were those put on by the Center for International Education for the International Education Week.  The LLC took full advantage of these events by going to them.  The week started off with the Careers Across the Map: Working in International Education on Monday, November 14th.  During the middle of the week on Thursday the residents went to the International Bazaar where they were able to sees the different student organizations that have international aspects associated with them.  Dina Wolf even created a fun game with it by giving out goody bags to those residents that did come to the bazaar.  Then on the last day of International Education Week the LLC residents were invited to the Global Networks: Global Studies Fellow Colloquium where they could enjoy amazing food while listening to faculty members of CIE talk about their research projects and their goals for them.  Also on Friday, there was a fantastic program called How's it Going? U.S. Holidays were they were able to try different foods that coordinated to different holidays celebrated in the U.S. by different cultures while learning fun facts and the origins of the holidays.  The next event is another pairing with the Center of International Education with celebration of Human Rights Day on Tuesday, December 6th at 7pm in the Wisconsin Room.

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