Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Architecture Tour of Downtown Milwaukee

Who says you need to go abroad or to another big city see significant architectural works?

This semester, the Architecture LLC had the opportunity to do a walking tour of downtown Milwaukee with none other than the Dean of the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Dean Bob Greenstreet. "Greenstreet", as the architecture students call him, took our LLC on a 3 hour walking tour downtown, pointing out Milwaukee's most significant architectural buildings.

Having lived in Milwaukee all my life and being a 6th year architecture student (BSAS and working on my Masters degree), I assumed I had seen and heard about most of the important buildings within the downtown area... Well I was definitely wrong. Dean Greenstreet's tour showcased little known spaces as well as the usual suspects. We had the chance to see spaces some people will never get to see! All of the students really enjoyed the tour and had fun getting to know the Dean of the school.

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