Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Industry Expo to Highlight the Month of February

This past month, the Engineering LLC has been busy with events and planning.  We had an event which gathered students to build the tallest tower they could with random supplies given to them like a sheet of paper, straws, bowls, etc.  We had four teams participate and three prizes were given out to the top three groups.  All the teams worked very hard and there was a lot of competitiveness in the room as the last group was racing to beat another. 

As usual, the annual Spring Industry Expo took place on February 24th. It was a great opportunity for students to talk to and meet companies that relate to engineering. This might just be a chance for the residents to get their foot in the door with the company or might even lead to an internship or summer job offer. Either way, it's a great event that had somewhere around 80 companies eager to meet with students and answer any questions that they might have had. Also, RA Mike and RA Joe even took time to walk any residents that wished over to the Expo!

With these events kicking off the start to a great semester, the Engineering LLC is also planning to have an Alumni Dinner with a lot of exciting people coming.  We’re planning it to be the first week of April.  It will be a buffet style dinner with many different alumni of different engineering majors, ages, and companies to be attending the dinner. There will be many more details to come! 
-Carly Gloff, RA

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